Modern Hacks For A Safe And Clean Home

Are you tired of the tedious task of cleaning your house? Well, housekeeping is a continuous process, and there is just no escape from it. However, you can certainly ease the process by working smarter instead of working hard. These top 10 professional hacks will help you get the cleaning done faster.

Dealing with hard water stains: For faucets, stainless steel sinks and other such appliances, you can use a lemons to remove the nasty stains. Begin by using the lemon juice on the dainty area and let it stay for a while. After a few minutes, you can wash this with warm water. The surface will soon shine brightly.

Removing Grease: Grease gets built up in your kitchen cabinets and other areas pretty fast. You can get rid of it with the help of a mixture. All you need to do is to mix two parts baking soda with 1 part vegetable oil. You may then use a toothbrush to scrub off the grease. This method works well for any cabinet handles as well as wood too.

Say Goodbye to Smelly Towels: How often have you left the clothes in the wash and then forgot to dry them off? This happens a lot of time, and the smell you get is not fabulous at all. You might have to offer it to a guest, but the smell can get in the way. There is a very simple hack which you can use for this problem. Simply put them back in the wash and this time put some vinegar in it. Run the machine with hot water setting and dry it immediately. You will soon see the smell go away.

Cleaning stubborn air vents: It could certainly be a task to clean those adamant air vents. Take a knife and wrap a rug around it. Then slide this to each of the crevices to rinse them thoroughly.

Cleaning Mattresses: Over some time, dust and dirt can build up on the mattresses. Since the surface of the mattress is huge, you have to ensure you carefully clean it. To do so, add 15 drops of any essential oils to a box full of baking soda. Then you can close this box having the mixture and shake it until the contents are mixed well. Sprinkle this on the bed and after a while, you can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of it from the bed slowly.

Label Stickers Problem: the labels can end up sticking on your ceramics or the walls, and it can be annoying. You might try to remove it, but it does not get off completely. Sounds relatable? There is a quick hack that you would find useful in this regard. Put some water in the sink and then add OxiClean to it. Add the ceramic you would want to remove the sticker from and soak it for 30 minutes. The labels would fall off on their own.

Cleaning the Baking Sheets: Baking pans, as well as cookie sheets, can pick up stains real quick. However, you can make them look new with the help of equal mixtures of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Mix these ingredients well and then place them on the sheets for about 2 hours. After this, you can just clean them with the help of a scrub.

Thus, the hacks mentioned above will help you clean the toughest stains and to maintain the appearance of your home. Most of the ingredients used can be found in your home.

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