Lawnless Landscaping Save You Time, Money and Water

Lawnless landscaping can be inviting, beautiful, and low maintenance. Front yard is very important part of your house. If the front yard is beautiful, attractive, and clean it always creates envy for your neighbors, visitors, and passerby. It’s just much like the clothes you wear, which conveys your personality. It is the visible face of your home that you show the world and therefore you want this visible face to look pleasant and eye catching.

The most ever-present feature of modern suburban and city landscape of Australia are dominated by beautiful, green lawns. Lawn helps unify the entire landscape. It’s like the canvas a painter uses. But in recent years, our lawns have evolved into complicated demanding growing responsibilities. Now homeowners and landscape gardeners sydney are concerned about the long-term effects of chemicals on our children, pets, and environment.

Everyone wants a beautiful lawn and is one element in the landscape that you can easily walk on without causing damage. It can be used as playing ground for the kids and your pets. But in reality lawn care is very difficult task. To have and maintain it consumes a lot of your time, labor, and money. Nowadays due to work pressure people don’t have much time and if you hire someone it will definitely be very costly.

Most lawns need to be fertilized several times a year and requires regular mowing. They need to have invasive weeds killed. Some lawns can become infested with grubs, which need to be treated. Lawns need frequent watering and also creates water runoff problem. For lawns you need good irrigation and drainage system which can be a costly for your pockets.

However, lawnless landscaping is an excellent way to boost the appearance of your home. There are various tips, you can use if you would like to do the landscaping yourself.

  • Use fountain to create grand entrance or a pond with benched, statues, stones can be added to enhance the appearance.
  • Evergreen trees are excellent for landscaping. They require low maintenance and eye catching. You can have a row of neatly trimmed evergreens to form a border around the front yard.
  • Use of colorful perennial plants to make borders around your modern garden design.
  • Use of decorative paving. Instead of a solid concrete walkway consider a stamp concrete with color, interlocking pavers, brick, flagstone or perhaps limestone.

Your front yard is the face your home presents to the world. It’s the first impression that your home makes to the outside world. It tells friends as well as strangers how much you care, or don’t care about your home. It says a lot about you too. Therefore it’s wise to get rid of lawns and use various other landscaping ideas to make your yard really beautiful.

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