How To Make A Strong Foundation For Your House?

Couples, who intend to build a new home, need to follow specific procedures laid out in that location. A civil engineer in that region will help you complete all the formalities like drawing a building plan after visiting the site and taking measurements and taking approval for the home plan from local authorities. The engineer will also prepare an estimate to apply for a home loan if you do not have sufficient funds for construction or intend to save on tax.

Services of an experienced engineer

The engineer identifies the foundation material required for your plot after examining the soil. Some soil has strength whereas loose soil needs the firm foundation. The home foundation also depends on the house style, lot slope, and climate. You can choose the slab, full basement, or crawlspace foundation for your new home.

Slab Type Foundation

People, who are on a budget, can choose the slab type foundation. It is the less expensive option, and many homes are built using this foundation. It requires minimal excavation and easy to construct a house. It is an ideal choice for warm climates. However, it is not suitable for colder climates because slabs may shift or crack when the ground freezes.

The slabs are created using steel bars and perfectly blended concrete up to 6 inches on a mesh. It is necessary to dig the trenches around the slab’s perimeter to provide support to the walls. Interior walls are protected with the help of concrete footings. Electrical systems are concealed underneath the slabs. You need to provide proper insulation to the slabs to eliminate thermal conduction issues.

Basement type of foundation

The basement foundation is ideal for electrical equipment, air conditioners, and heaters installation. It also facilitates family rooms, sports courts, guest suites, and wet bars. Basements are preferred in the Midwest and Northeast.

Those constructing homes in colder climates need to dig below the frost level. It is better to dig up to 4 ft to build footings. You can opt for a full basement. Though expensive, it offers a living space at reduced rates.

Steps to create a strong foundation

Materials required for the stone foundation for your home include good quality iron, perfectly cut black or red stones, perfectly blended concrete, and crushed stones. You need to hire a team of skilled construction workers to build your foundation and home perfectly.

You need to dig the ground up to 3 ft. as per the plan on a level and hard soil. It is sufficient to hold an air conditioning unit, fountain or patio furniture. If the soil condition is poor, you need to dig for over 3 feet. You need to put the crushed stones in the grooves. You need to pour perfectly mixed concrete over the crushed stones. It is necessary to give sufficient time to get hardened.

You need to apply water on the next day morning and for three to four days. After the concrete in the ground is hardened, you can place iron bars made in the mesh form and pour concrete to cover the iron mesh completely.

You need to use perfectly cut square or rectangular stones over the hardened concrete and fix them with concrete mix. It would be best if you raised the basement for up to two feet above the ground level. You need to leave the basement for at least one month to completely settle.

You need to fill the interior of the basement with good quality soil. You need to allow a few weeks for the soil to settle. You can start constructing the walls on the basement after one or two months. You need good quality wood for windows, door frames, and doors.

People, who are planning to construct apartments or more than two floors, need to make a solid foundation. You need to dig up to 30 ft. and start laying the foundation for your apartment.

You can follow the above procedure to build a strong foundation for your home at affordable rates. You need to buy good quality cement for the strong foundation.

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