Amateur Photographer Resources

Having a beginning reference is important to the amateur photographer and this page offers a point of reference to begin. The average beginning photographer doesn’t know where to go or what questions to ask when they get there! This page offers a helping hand.

I don’t subscribe to formal photography training. Not that I’m against it or that I think it is useless. That is not the case. It’s just that I subscribe to the school of thought that says “pick up the camera and shoot.” To that end, this page offers links and resources to assist the beginning photographer develop a frame of reference (simply for the sake of saving you from wasting your time, energy and money in unknowing situations that “appear to be” necessary to become a “good photographer.”

My suggestions to the beginning amateur photographer are as follows:

1. Shoot
2. Critique your work
3. Show your work
4. Improve
5. Repeat the cycle

Amateur Photographer Resources for Shooting

Chances are, you’re shooting with a digital camera. Although your camera came with digital photography software, there is powerful digital photography software available for free. The value to the photographer is that such resources allow practice and skill development without a price tag! And many of the free resources are the complete versions of very powerful programs. In most cases, the software is very easy to use. The developing photographer’s time should be spent shooting photos – not figuring out complex software programs.

Google offers a great set of free software tools that can benefit any professional photographer Melbourne. One of the best digital photography management software programs that I’ve ever used is from Google. Picasa is a great and very powerful image management program. It’s almost impossible to lose a digital photo with Picasa! In addition to easily managing my digital photos, Picasa allows me to easily make automated slideshows on CD that I can provide to the models, the subjects and the individuals that I photograph.

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