A detailed guide to caring for your beloved concrete furniture!

Do you get baffled and sceptical whenever you hear about furniture made up of concrete? We don’t blame you if you do. There are multiple people out there who think concrete is simply a heavy, ugly stuff which is used to make seats in parks and bus stops. But, wait till you see how concrete is being reborn in the field of modern, contemporary interior design. Furniture made up of concrete can be equally elegant, light and far more durable than any other furniture material. And needless to say, there are quite a few reasons which shall make you fall in love with this kind of furniture.

For starters, it’s functional, strong, versatile, ecological, as well as aesthetical. So, it’s basically an all-in-one package which is a must for your homes. It’s versatile enough to be appearing in every room of the house, be it in the form of sinks in the bathroom, dinner tables, counter tops in the kitchen, side tables in the bathroom, and maybe also a birdbath out in the garden. So, if you are looking for furniture that’s stylish, contemporary, long lasting and timeless, we advise you enhance your home with concrete furniture. Cast in Concrete Design is one of the best places to go for, if you are looking for stunning custom-made furniture of concrete. They help you give way to beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces using their handcrafted furniture suiting all kinds of budget.

Here’s how you can keep your concrete pieces looking as good as new

Concrete is industrial, evergreen, durable as well as organic. And it’s making a serious comeback. You shall find yourself coming across side tables, kitchen bench tops, coffee tables, sinks, as well as dining concrete tables in Sydney. It’s all concrete, but it’s not as we knew it. Engineered concrete is taking upon the role of an interior designer’s material at the moment and we couldn’t see why not. So, once you have brought it home, here’s how you can care for it:

  • Avoid acid: Acids aren’t really the best friends of most surfaces, including concrete. So, we advise you to avoid cutting that lemon or spilling vinegar directly onto the concrete surface. Avoid using acid based cleaners and dare you leave the olive oil bottle opened around the table.
  • Heat protection: The best way out is to refrain from putting hot items and vessels directly onto the concrete surface as it could lead to discolouring of the sealant. Get yourself some heat-protection gear like placement mats, coasters etc. and you are sorted.
  • Act fast: Of course, we know that while doing things around the home, spills are unavoidable. And then there are some people who act as magnets towards spills. But, no need to worry; you just need to act fact in order to minimize the spill impact. The lesser time moisture gets to sit on the concrete surface, the better it is, so go get cleaning ASAP.
  • Complicated chemicals: You should refrain from buying cleaning products which boast of having fancy chemicals as they do more harm than good. Avoid citrus, alcohol; acetone based cleaners as well as bleach. You should simply use warm water, gentle soap and clean with a soft cloth.
  • Seal the deal: To extend the life of your concrete surfaces, and prevent it from getting marks or discoloured etc., you need to finish off the surface with a proper, quality sealant. You need to reapply it once every year, or you can use wax every six months.
  • Too much pressure: Yes, concrete is much tougher than others, but avoid being too boisterous with it. If you want it too last long, you can’t be dancing on your concrete table, that’s for sure. Also, avoid hitting it with hard items to prevent chips as well as avoid dragging sharp objects to protect from scratching.

So, here’s how you can keep that much-loved concrete spick and span. Use it to modernise and add a classic touch to the interiors of your home. Compliment it with luxurious leather, black edgy metal, textured throws, warm inviting timber and you shall be flaunting all the latest trends in the best way ever.


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