5 safety tips to follow when you are fabricating metals/steel!

Over 1.8 million tonnes of steel is produced and used around the globe every year. This durable, yet malleable form of metal holds a strong foothold in the world of constriction and manufacture. A major reason owing to this fact is a process known as steel fabrication. This is a highly complicated process which makes the use of both man and machines to create massive steel structures to intricate artwork. This is a highly skilled task, and gives way to using the fabricated steel even in the form of houses, offices, which can be assembled and disassembled to meet the needs.

When it falls in the capable hands of a steel fabricator, steel can take the form of anything — from a core component inside building walls, to pipes that transfer gas and liquids, to decorate and beautify a room, to build sky-high skyscrapers, stadiums or bridges etc. Basically, steel forms the core or the skeleton of any major construction or architectural process, making the implementation of steel into fabrications one of the most useful things in the economy. So, till now, you should have realized the importance of efficient steel fabricators in Melbourne, Wainwright offers the best of steel fabrication services. They provide the best quality equipment and products, which will ensure the smooth running of your business and fulfil your engineering needs.

Safety tips to follow during metal fabrication projects

When one is using metal fabrication tools in order to make products and equipment like a belt conveyor, there are certain safety precautions which need to be undertaken. Such tools may be hard to manage and use around if you aren’t proficient in using them. So, some basic rules and safety tips should be followed by any beginners or amateurs and even experts. This is extremely important, or else you might fall prey to injuries from material handling, injuries from using hand tools or poor barriers. So, shall we take a look?

  • Proper training: This is a very important step in any xyz metal fabrication process. There should be a detailed training session for every metal fabricator regarding the hazards, the equipment, the working conditions etc., along with safety protocols before they step into their jobs.
  • Inspecting tools: Before starting any fabrication project, it’s very important that you thoroughly check and go through the tools for signs of malfunction. They should be in proper working condition. This makes sure that the workers don’t have a hard time using them.
  • Precautions: It’s very essential for steel fabricators to take precautions before they work, as they are required to handle large, complicated machines. Workers should refrain from wearing jewellery, loose clothes that might get tangled in the machinery etc. Also, as the steel sheets can get really hot in the process, workers should be wearing protective hand gloves.
  • Tool usage: Now, when you are using items like hand/manual tools or presses, it’s very crucial to maintain the correct amount of security. These large machineries are equipped with guards and other safety features for the workers. These are mostly given by the manufacturers. But you need to make sure that the workers are well versed with these safety features so as to stay protected.
  • Protective clothing: And finally, you need protective clothing. Any person who is engaged in handling metal fabrication tools should be wearing protective gear. These include items like hard hats, goggles, gloves, safety shoes etc. Also, make sure whenever you are working, your back and neck should be well supported and protected against injuries.

So, these were some of the essential tips that you need to follow inside the premises of a steel fabrication workplace. We believe safety comes first, and give maximum importance to safe usage. Adopt these rules and maintain a safe work environment.


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